Submission Guidelines

Please adhere to the following submission guidelines when submitting your horror selfies:

  1. Only selfies related to horror, dark fantasy, and/or the occult will be accepted.
  2. Horror Selfies must include a message (i.e., not just an individual’s photo). Messages can be: a written or printed sign, writing on hand/body (no nudity, please), of holding up the poster’s favorite horror book or DVD. Get creative! Visit the gallery for great ideas and examples.
  1. Horror Selfies may promote: other authors and/or their works (horror poetry, nonfiction/fiction horror, YA horror), films, television programs, plays, games, horror cosplay, writing horror/dark fantasy/occult, horror conventions, literary festivals, official Horror Writers Association events, Halloween and similar festivals (e.g., Dia de Los Muertos), libraries, and literacy in general.
  1. Hate speech, political or religious comments, and anything deemed to be pornographic in nature will not be accepted. This is a family-friendly campaign, which includes the promotion of literacy among children and young adult.
  1. Self-promotion (e.g., holding up your own book; a sign promoting yourself, your website, or your blog, etc.) will not be accepted. We’ll handle that for you with the information you provide when you submit your Horror Selfie.
    • Exception: Those attached to wide-release films and/or television programs may promote their projects via Horror Selfies. In fact, we encourage it!
  1. The Horror Writers Association has the right to refuse acceptance and/or publication of any Horror Selfie it deems inappropriate.
  1. If you have any questions, contact: