Full List of Contest Books

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John Joseph Adams, The Living Dead 2

Linda Addison, How to Recognize a Demon Has Become Your Friend

Mark All, The Spellcaster’s Grimoire

Kala Ambrose, Spirits of New Orleans

Paul Dale Anderson, Claw Hammer

Joe Augustyn, Dead Rain

Rachel Aukes, Deadland’s Harvest

Michael Bailey, Palindrome Hannah

Alan Baxter, Bound: Alex Caine Book #1

Rob E. Boley, That Risen Snow

Clayton Bye, The Speed of Dark

Robert Payne Cabeen, Krampus (limited edition print)

Krista Cagg, The Milan Job

Kenneth W. Cain, These Old Tales

Ramsey Campbell, The Darkest Part of the Woods

Tracy L. Carbone, My Name Is Marnie

CJ Carter-Stephenson, Blood Lust Variations

Bryan Cassiday, Comes a Chopper

Catherine Cavendish, Saving Grace Devine

Brian F.H. Clement, The Final Transmission

William Cook, Corpus Delecti

James Dorr, The Tears of Isis

Thomas Drago, Crow Creek

Robin Wyatt Dunn, A Map of Kex’s Face

Dave Eisenstark, The Video Killer

Patrick Freivald, Jade Sky

Adam Gallardo, Zomburbia

Aaron Gudmonson, Snowglobe

Rick Gualtieri, Bill the Vampire

Desraye Halon, Normal as We Are

Janna Hill, Short Stories & Such

Janet Joyce Holden, Carousel

Kate Jonez, Halloween Tales

Vic Kerry, The Children of Lot

Lisa Lane, Revival: Jane Volume 1

Frazer Lee, The Jack in the Green

Mark Leslie Lefebvre, Tomes of Terror

Martin Livings, Carnies

Lori R. Lopez, The Macabre Mind of Lori R. Lopez

Thomas M. Malafarina, Malafarina Malifaricarum

Josh Malerman, Bird Box

Rena Mason, The Evolutionist

Joe McKinney, Plague of the Undead

JZ Murdock, Death of Heaven

Brian Pinkerton, Killer’s Diary

Leland Pitts-Gonzalez, The Blood Poetry

Essel Pratt (Two books), ABC’s of Zombie Friendship / Final Reverie

Loren Rhoads, As Above, So Below

Kat Rocha, Whispers from the Abyss

Armand Rosamilia, Chelsea Avenue

David Sakmyster, Crescent Lake

Peter Adam Salomon, All Those Broken Angels

Alex Scully, Enter at Your Own Risk: The End is the Beginning

Aaron Sterns, Wolf’s Creek: Origin

Peter Straub, A Dark Matter

John F.D. Taff, The End in All Beginnings

Brett J. Talley, That Which Should Not Be

Steve Tem, Blood Kin

Steven Van Patten, Brookwater’s Curse

Tim Waggoner, The Way of All Flesh

Samantha Warren, Massacre at Lonesome Ridge

Matthew Weber, A Dark & Winding Road

Terry M. West, Heroin in the Magic Now

Alexander Zelenyj, Songs for the Lost


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