BP Gregory

Posted By on Nov 15, 2014 | 11 comments


  1. Gorgeous pic of a very talented lady… but don’t let her coquettish repose fool you: she packs one seriously twisted imagination.

  2. Great photo, looking glamorous and smart

  3. Ok Mr Wong…..you have my attention.

  4. 50’s housewife Bronwyn? Truly horrifying.

  5. You made John die at the end??? She who sprang from Mumsie’s loins and masquerades as a lady with the greatest ease… how can it be, this beautiful woman with the most expansive imagination and so well masked til the pen hits the paper

  6. Reading the aforesaid John dies at the end and absorbing more horrors

  7. I can picture this shot in an old mansion and as I approach, you suddenly look directly at me – eeeeek!!!

    definitely the best horror selfie if you can make your viewers imagination freak out…

  8. Gorgeous. Where’s the shadow lurking mysteriously in the background?

  9. HOT

  10. Are those kittens stuffed down your dress?

  11. YES, they will make the sad go away!

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